Dear Rezvani Violins,

A few years ago, my son, Vincenzo, had given up playing violin. He thought he couldn’t play, and he wanted to stop taking lessons. But it was at a recital that I saw something in him, so I decided to make a change in teachers.

When Vincenzo started with his new teacher, the frustration on violin continued. He had a negative association with the violin. His teacher soon after put him on viola. It was a good fit, and he has been playing the viola for two and a half years now. Vincenzo has grown as a string player on the viola, and his confidence continues to grow. He loves the viola. But I didn’t want him to give up on the violin. I wanted him to play both, so he will develop as a more rounded string player.

Although I have no previous experience with classical string instruments, what I have learned is how inspirational a good instrument can be. So a few months ago, I took out a loan and bought Vincenzo a Rezvani violin. Within a few weeks, he was playing violin again and having fun! He told his teacher he wanted to refocus on the violin again. It was the beauty and responsiveness of his new Rezvani that inspired him! And at his last recital, the joy he had playing his violin was palpable.

I write to you with so much gratitude. I thank you for making such a beautiful and inspiring instrument, that he will be playing for the rest of his life!

Kindest regards,
Maija Calcagno

Vincenzo Calcagno