What clients say about Rezvani Violins

The Rezvani brothers are not only world class violin makers but also outstanding people. Their instruments sound antique and priceless and are incredibly comfortable and satisfying to play. The Rezvanis are very humble, dedicated and do everything they can to work with the customer. I absolutely love my violin. It is very powerful, silky, smooth, warm, and sounds better and better every month.

Irene Sun

I have played on a Shahram and Saeid Rezvani violin for the duration of my professional career. I find that my instrument has a fine blend of projection, tone quality and responsiveness and recommend that anybody looking for a reasonably priced instrument consider trying a Rezvani brothers violin.

John Henry Kruer, Tutti Violin, Hong Kong Sinfonietta

Rezvani-OrchestraDear Mr. Rezvani,
Tonight our school orchestra had a concert. Please look at the pictures. In the first violins from the first to fourth stands all on the inside play Rezvani violins.
1st stand: Christopher Scherer.
2nd stand: John Kruer.
3rd stand: Sophia Hubeny.
4. Philip Zakko.
5. Shan Tong Tuo, behind the harp.
You should be very proud of yourselves.

Proud Teacher

Shahram and Saeid Rezvani are marvelous luthiers. They breathe the air to make instruments and  it is as if their hearts and souls are in each and every violin and viola they create. I am the proud owner of two of their wonderful violins. With their instruments one can produce a deep, sweet and ringing tone. In addition their instruments are easy to play. I feel very privileged to personally know such artists.

Cyrus Forough
Professor of Violin
Carnegie Mellon University

Viji-KrishnanBest wishes to my favorite violin makers, Sahram & Saeid.

Viji Krishnan

In 2007 I bought my violin from you and when I purchased it you told me that I will realize how great the instrument truly is. I just wanted to tell you that last year I got accepted into the Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music in the Ukraine and I am continuing my studies of the violin here, so I wanted to thank you for the stellar violin you provided.

Shayan Honarvar

I have been playing on my Rezvani violin since November 2013, it is the best violin I’ve ever had. From the first moment I played it I felt that it has all of the warmth and colors that I search for. Recently I was selected to compete in the 2015 Singapore International Violin Competition using this violin. I am very happy to be able to play on such an amazing instrument.

Christopher Scherer

I thoroughly enjoy playing my Rezvani violin after a day in the office. Your commitment to creating the best sounding instruments is unparalleled. Thank you, Shahram and Saeid.

Philip Zakko, BSA

Xiao-violinI have a 2002 Rezvani violin. I discovered it from my local violin shop, and I found out about and contacted the maker after searching the label on the internet. The Rezvani brothers kindly answered my questions about the type and age of the wood. Most importantly, this violin has a beautiful singing voice! The projection is amazing - both broad and sweet, and it has a great balance between brightness and depth across all four strings. it has brought much joy to my practicing in the short month I've owned it, and I'm continuing to improve my technique to bring out more of its potential.

Xiao from Ontario, Canada

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