The finest handcrafted violins, violas and cellos

We use only the finest quality woods in the making of our instruments. Our maple wood is obtained from the Kelardasht valley in the Elborz Mountains of northern Iran and is aged for approximately 15 to 20 years, and the spruce wood that is used for the top is brought in from Europe. The mechanical properties of this wood allow us to create a low weight instrument with excellent acoustic properties therefore yielding a superior instrument with exceptional quality of sound and appearance.

Every component of our instruments is hand crafted and finished with specially prepared varnish. Each piece is unique and is designed with a high level of attention to detail to provide exceptional sound as well as ease and comfort to those who play them.

Any musician who has played one of our instruments has been exceptionally pleased with the harmony and the quality of sound it provides as well as the ease with which they are able to play it.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment to try one of our fine instruments and judge for yourself.

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